Consult a birth list / Parent connection

1) Tips:

We start the birth lists from the 6th month of pregnancy 🤰 allow between 1h00 to 2h00 in the store in order to obtain maximum information and advice to best prepare for the arrival of your baby 👶🏻.
Your list will be sent to you by email so that you can have it in front of you at any time and think at your leisure if you want to modify it.

2) Advantages:

  • You can take items home before they are offered by a loved one (we will ask you for a deposit as a guarantee, it will be returned to you if the item(s) are subsequently offered on your birth list) .
  • Personalized advice , the choices of your close friend, sister, cousin may not adapt to your lifestyle.
    Example: Your friend recommends a stroller model, she lives in the countryside. You live in the city in an apartment and move around a lot, your lifestyle is different and therefore your stroller will be more suited to your lifestyle.
    The most important thing is that your baby may not have the same needs as X's.
  • We are a small team (2 people) so you will have better contact, you will not squeeze one number among others! 🤗
  • Available 7 days a week for your questions, concerns, advice, etc.
  • A guestbook to share photos and messages to your loved ones who consult your birth list.
  • Your list is private, you can share the information with your loved ones so that they can view your list.
  • Purchase on your birth list in our store , or via our website ✔️


3) Discounts:

When closing your birth list, a gift voucher worth 10% of the total amount of purchases made on your birth list.
You will also have an advantage of -10% for 2 years from the date of your delivery on all* your purchases from us.
*Excluding sales and promotions.

4) Closure of the birth list:

Your birth list will be closed automatically 2 months after your baby's date of birth , it is possible to extend your list by sending us an email, in store or by telephone.

5) What to include on your list? :

We advise you to include a variety of items with different budgets, gift certificates like this will avoid having gifts outside your list and ending up with unnecessary duplicates.
So there’s something for everyone, but especially yours! 🤗

Would you like to create a birth list with us?
You can visit us in our store or send us an email to or via our contact page .