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Pale Pink silicone bowl - Jollein


0M | 50-51cm
1M | 54-56cm
3M | 61-63cm

6M | 65-68cm

9M | 72-75cm

12M | 80-82cm

18M | 85-87cm

24M | 90-93cm

36M | 95-98cm
4 years | 100-104cm

⚠️ Our Brand "Petit Bateau" is smaller in size so look at the cm shown above ⚠️

Pale Pink silicone bowl from the Jollein brand

Enjoy in your own little bowl!

This adorable little silicone bowl is ideal for giving your little one their first bites, but also as a snack bowl when your child is a little older. Small children like to eat with their hands, which is why we have equipped the bowl with a very practical suction cup .

At least the bowl and its contents won't be removed from the table.

The bowl is made of silicone, making it suitable for hot and cold meals.

It can withstand temperatures ranging from -20° to +230°C and is therefore dishwasher safe.

So you can enjoy your meal together!

Mix and match

Combine the bowl with a silicone spoon for the optimal snacking experience!

About the theme

Silicone items from Jollein are trendy, practical and stylish.

The different products are all great gifts to give or receive.

The products are easy to use, dishwasher, oven and freezer safe; they allow parents to train baby to eat, and what's more, they are decorative on the table!

The collection is available in nougat, storm gray, denim blue, pale pink, ash green and caramel.

General specifications:

  • Material: Silicone
  • Maintenance: Can be put in the dishwasher.