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Ring Toss Game - Little Dutch


0M | 50-51cm
1M | 54-56cm
3M | 61-63cm

6M | 65-68cm

9M | 72-75cm

12M | 80-82cm

18M | 85-87cm

24M | 90-93cm

36M | 95-98cm
4 years | 100-104cm

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Little Dutch Ring Toss Game

Focus, aim and throw!

Try to get your braided ring around the wooden bars and score points.

You can arrange the playing field in different ways so that each part offers a new challenge.

A fun activity for the whole family!

By playing this classic ring toss game, your little one develops their hand-eye coordination , distance estimation and aiming accuracy .

The set comes with 5 wooden target frames in different colors and with different points.

Everyone has a stick on which they must throw one of the 5 cotton rope rings.

Do not leave the device outside or in the rain when you have finished playing, but store it in a dry place.


  • Minimum age: 3 years+
  • Materials: Wood, Water-based paint suitable for children
  • Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 16cm
  • Interview : Only clean the surface with a damp cloth.